Figurative Fine Art

I am a traditional fine artist whose work is characterised by a meticulous attention to detail and a naturalistic drawing style. Through the mediums of painting, printmaking, sculpting and illustration I have explored and developed my love of natural history, figurative art and narrative storytelling.



Central St Martins - University of the Arts

Children's Book Illustration - I

Children's Book Illustration - Advanced

Who are these courses for?
These courses are for those who love narratives and would enjoy learning how to illustrate them.
You don’t have to be brilliant at drawing, but you will enjoy the courses more if you are comfortable with this form of communication, as we draw our way through most of the exercises.
If you are unsure about this, do contact me preferably with a sample of your drawing. Class sizes are small, usually around 10.

How long are the courses?
The evening classes run over 10 weeks, one evening per week, and the week classes are 5 days; both cover the same topics.

Where are courses held?
The courses are held at Central St Martins’ Holborn site — Richbell Place, WC1N, London, UK.

For further information on dates and bookings follow the links above.


Studio Tutorials

Tutorials in my Kew Gardens studio on a one-to-one basis or workshops of up to three people focusing on 2D & 3D character creation for book illustration; book planning; composition; storyboarding and drawing of children.

About April

Born into an artistic household, drawing was an ever-present part of my childhood. My mother used to give me offcuts of paper to draw on that were leftover from her printmaking business, and I would happily spend hours inventing stories and illustrating them with all sorts of fantastical creatures. That was how my love of storytelling began.

As I grew up, I sought refuge in my imagination whenever I could, including at school where I would sit at the back of the classroom drawing, hoping not to be noticed. Consequently my maths books were filled with unicorns and flying horses, a fact which probably accounts for my enduring struggle with mathematics.

One teacher did, however, take notice of my early artistic activities and encouraged me to teach a class of younger children how to model in clay. As a naturally shy child I was terrified at this prospect, but to my great surprise, found that I actually enjoyed the experience. I have never forgotten giving my first class at the age of nine and many years on, I still enjoy sharing information and passing on skills to others in my current teaching role at Central Saint Martins and in my Studio.

Camping in the deserts of California as a child and later as an adult exploring the jungle-covered mountains of Brazil, no doubt played their part in developing a lifelong love of natural history, which has fed into my art ever since. When I was asked to illustrate two 'spot-the-difference' books on natural history by Templar (Look and Look Again) I was able to draw on these rich experiences.

Following my formal education, I was offered an apprenticeship at Madame Tussauds, the London waxwork museum, where I learnt the art and craft of portrait sculpture acquiring a host of specialist skills such as sculpting in clay, mould making and hair insertion. In due course I went on to co-found Studio Two, which specialised in animal sculpting and resin casting for Tussaud's expanding exhibitions.

Around this time I was fortunate in having the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Royal Academy in an exhibition curated by Peter Blake. This resulted in a number of exhibitions and commissions. Following this, I was asked to illustrate my first picture book ‘The Pig Who Never Was’, published by Andre Deutsch. Five more books followed after which I was approached by Central St Martins to teach their Children’s Book Illustration course, which I continue to do to this day.

As for my other fine art practices, in addition to my ongoing affair with Koi I am developing my Harpy project more of which can be found on the website.



The Adventures of Wilhelmina Worm
A picture book for children to colour in.
Central St Martins Courses:
Children's Book Illustration

Children's Book Illustration Advanced


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