The Animal kingdom features prominently throughout my work as I feel it occupies such an important place within children’s picture books. Also I particularly enjoy the challenges that animals present when drawing them.


Most of these illustrations were created for picture books, and were drawn or painted with coloured pencils, pastel pencils, dip-pens & inks, and watercolours. I use traditional tools and media, employing methods which I have worked hard to perfect over the years. As I particularly enjoy drawing detailed work, I will gravitate towards tapered tools which facilitate this and smooth watercolour paper which is very tolerant of both wet and dry mediums. However sometimes I stray from these sound practises and try an unsuitable paper because I like its colour. This will usually result in problems of one sort or another and will require much perseverance to make it work for the task required. The ‘Mystery Mountain’ pictures are a good example of this as the paper was dense blue and very challenging to work with. However, I was pleased with the end result; hence a worthwhile effort.

I am particularly attracted to illustrating stories incorporating some form of mystery or magic as these are the types of narratives I love best. I am most fond of mythical beasts, and have been since my childhood, the winged horse being my favourite. Any animal with wings has a strong appeal for me and I find myself returning to this subject time and again whether it be harpies, griffins, winged horses or a mischievous magpie as in Magpie Magic.

Magpie Magic
Narrative picture book without words in 38 pages.

The Christmas Deer
Narrative picture book with text and advent calendar in 40 pages.

Look Again!
Spot the difference natural history book in 44 pages with nature notes.

Spot the difference natural history book in 48 pages with nature notes.

The Pig Who Never Was
Narrative picture book with half and whole pages in 38 pages.