Koi Prints

However often I peer into the same pool of Koi, to my delight I am always rewarded with the unique display of colours and patterns made by the fish. This is what draws me to look time and again, and is the primary motivation for creating these relief prints.


Breaking with the convention, that prints in an edition should be identical, each print in these editions are individual. As the Koi swim, singly or in groups, they generate continuously changing compositions, which are what I principally focus on when designing these works. I achieve this by ensuring that the Koi follow imaginary paths across the paper, individually and collectively. The directional twists and turns that the fish take must always work in harmony with the rippling pattern of water, which is central to each print. Finally, the Ginko leaves floating on the water’s surface are added to capture the fleeting motion of eddies left by the Koi.