Children's Book Illustration II - Advanced


Central St Martins Course

Dates, Bookings & Materials

This course is the natural follow on from the Children’s Book Illustration I and many of the students attending this one have also done the first one. However if you are fairly confident with drawing and have some understanding of illustration requirements, certainly do try this one on its own.

We will look in greater detail at how the illustrator converts the written word into images, as well as how subtle variations of mood and emotion can be heightened by rearranging the sequence of events within a narrative. Simple and more complex story-generating exercises will be drawn by working in pairs so that ideas exchanged can be developed further into storyboards.

Facial expression with a particular focus on the moving mouth, will be explored through the use of a hand puppet which you will make and animate as an aid to drawing a short sequence.

Suspense and surprise will be investigated by making a small book in coloured card with cut doors and windows on each page which hide and reveal your characters as the pages are turned. A small colourful spherical book will be created aimed at young children, addressing how questions may be asked, and illustrated answers hunted for within it’s 3D form.

This is just a selection of what this course offers, but if you have questions then do please e-mail me.