Children's Book Illustration I


Central St Martins Course

Dates, Bookings & Materials

This course introduces the main aspects that an aspiring book illustrator must be aware of when wishing to create a children’s picture book. Comprehending how text and image work together on the page, or the issues to be considered when creating a narrative through pictures alone, are discussed and practised through drawn exercises.

Investigating how a variety of materials and techniques can be used to create a range of images will be compared and explored, and books demonstrating these techniques discussed in class.

Characters constructed in clay can certainly aid drawing with perspective and solving foreshortening problems. Having a character to animate and draw from any angle or position is an invaluable asset. You will construct a clay figure to help ensure consistent character continuity when composing and drawing your page layouts for a short sequence. 
Learning how use storyboards to plan and control the pace and flow of your narratives, is an achievement I expect all my students to attain.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the course on any aspect we cover.